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Saturday, September 05, 2009

very unite

03 sePt 2009
fiRSt time aLL of mY cLAss have uNite 2geTHer.. beRbuKA puaSa smeR2.. veRy exticed.. x sMer cLass yg bLeR wat MCam nie.. hUhuhu.. buKAn nk beRbanggA but juSt nk bgtao.. =]]

~autOMAticaLLy pOSing whEn SeE cameRA~

~yoya, yaya n pnut~
eating so muCh that DAy

air teRtumPAh..

neW boYz in mY CLasS.. c(=

tHey are veRy 'manjE' wif EAcH 0thER..

p/s; BFF 4eVeR.. muAhkz.. LuRVE uaLL.. =]]

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