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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1 litre of tears

1 litre of tears. Korean drama. Based on true story. A girl suffered an incurable desease. spinocerebellar Degeneration.  She faced her disease bravely. Family, kawan2 n her lover bnyk bagi support dkat dia. Very touchable story. Every time tengok cite nie aq terfikir “What would I do if I were Aya?”. Adkh aq akn sekuat dia? Adkah family dan kawan2 akn bantu aq? This question always around my mind.

 the pic of real aya.

this video shows aya (in the drama) who become the conductor and all of her classmate in choir competition.

meaning of the song;
In the middle of the changing season,
I casual feel how long the day is,
In the midst of restless busy days,
You and I paint our dream,
Place our love on the winds of March,
A cherry blossom sprout will move on into spring,
Little specs of overflowing light,
Warm up the morning little by little,
By your side when you’re embarrassed,
After a big yawn,
Standing at the entrance to a new world,
What I noticed was that I wasn’t alone,
By closing my eyes,
The you who I see behind my eyelids,
Has somehow helped me become stronger, right?
I too want to be like that for you.

conclusion; Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing

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